Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does music describe a person?

I got on a gadget kick this past Christmas. One of my new gadgets that I received was an Ipod Touch. I really love it. I am not real Ipod savy, but I am working on it. Did you know that they do not come with manuals. I have discovered that I love manuals, so you can understand my dilemma. I have been researching alot on the web. I want to know everything this gadget has to offer. Of course the obvious is music. If I have learned anything from my Ipod is that I don't know what kind of music I like.....

There are so many types of music. I used to be a C & W fan, but it has gone too hip hop. I am not really a rocker. I don't like all the loud guitar solos. There is no sense in screaming the lyrics. I find myself drawn to acoustic/folk. Does that make me look like a tree hugger? Don't get me wrong - we need to save as many trees as we can (that is my recycle plug), but I am not all about chaining myself to a tree to save it. When I think of folk music, I think of barefeet, broomstick skirts, long, stringy, ratty hair, etc.... That doesn't describe me.

I need someone to help me. Does anyone know any good music? I am open to all. I will give everyone a shot. Who is your favorite singer/band?



Anonymous said...

I AM the gadget queen! I love my iPod especially! :-) I have over 5000 songs...Gospel, Christian, Country (new & old hillbilly songs), Old School R&B, Rap and of course some "white folks" music!(My label) :D HA! I make random playlists with a hodgepodge of songs and listen to them over and over and over again! :-) FUN! Love you! So glad you are back to blogging!

Lianna Knight said...

I am really enjoying Christian music lately...it is SO....hip. Hard to explain...go to my Growing Our Own Garden blog and listen to some of the songs on my playlist...I think you'll find a few that you might like.