Friday, September 5, 2008

A cool feeling....

I remember several years ago listening to the radio on the way to work. My favorite radio station (back then) had a DJ named Robbie. Robbie always did cool feelings. I thought they were humorous and could often relate. I had a cool feeling today and thought I would share.

After my long day of work, I go pick Bailey up from daycare. We grab her a Happy Meal, wash my truck and run a few errands before heading home. Once we get home, I let the dog out and run Bailey's bath water. I put her in the tub and fill it with bubbles. I go to let the dog in the house, but he isn't at the back door. Ten minutes later I go back to the door and still no dog. Finally, I have enough snap to look at the gate - it's wide open!!!! What the heck????? Now what? My dog is running down some street like a lunatic and my child is in the middle of her bath. What do you do????????? Obviously, I said a prayer for the dog and finished giving Bailey a bath. We eventually got in the truck and started our search. It took about 30 minutes and 14 good samaritans, but we finally caught him. The smallest aroma of freedom and he is CRAZY!!!!

Cool feeling for the day....You are rescuing one love from all the dirt and germs of the day, while you pray your other love doesn't get hit by a car. Now that is a cool feeling!

Thank God that Kennedy was okay. I don't know how I would have told her that her puppy was gone!

~ Wendy

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Lianna Knight said...

Sweet...I can't believe how big Bailey has gotten since I lost saw her. She is beautiful!

Many Blessings for your ENTIRE family!