Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still here....

We are still in Tennessee. The weather here is wonderful! The high has been 68. It is clear, crisp, and sunny. I love these kinds of days. A chill in the air, but the sun keeps you warm. Bailey has been having a wonderful time. We have spent the days with her Papaw. We have seen cows, horses, been to the park and created a stick garden (I am not sure what that is, but it kept her entertained for a long time). At Mimi's, we have rode the 4 wheeler, rode her 'hi'-cycle (tricycle - everything starts with 'hi' - 'hi' cream, 'hi' cycle,) and played upstairs in the play room. She has even discovered the game Memory (the matching game) and LOVES it. It has been fun watching her learn and discover new things here in TN. However, we are ready to go home.

LaPorte still won't let residents return. Even with strict orders not to return, my dad and sister did. Fortunately for them, they both had power. We on the other hand - do not! My dad drove over to our house yesterday. It is worse than what we had previously been told. We did loose the window in the back, but don't know the damage inside still. We lost our entire fence. Bailey's swing is a mangled mess. Dad said there was no salvaging it. We lost shingles on the roof, so we are praying there was no leaking during all the rain. We even lost a tree in the front yard. Praise the Lord it didn't fall on Dusty's car or truck. All of it is minor damage really, but it is so disheartening. I feel really sick about the swing. Bailey got it for her birthday this past year and she absolutely loved it. It breaks my heart for her. I guess we know what someone will be getting for Christmas or her next birthday :-)

I hope everyone is well. Dusty, Bailey and I will continue to enjoy our little vacation. School is supposed to resume Monday. I guess we will see.

Love to all

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Lianna Knight said...

I am so so sorry Wendy! I know how crazy this must seem to you...I am still amazed at the news and all the terrible damage I am seeing on TV. But, I am so thankful you and your family are safe...that is ALL that matters. All the things you left behind were material know that.

I am praying for minimal damage upon your return..